Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic P20 CONNECTS

P-K Through Grad School:
Communities Organizing Networks Now to Engage Citizens Through Service

P20 CONNECTS is an initiative working to improve college, career, and civic readiness among those in need through the combined efforts of K12 and higher education. P20 CONNECTS hopes to use service-learning as a means to bring about positive change for students lacking in opportunities, encouraging community involvement and creating a pipeline that will ultimately result in more involved and civically minded citzens.

The Need

For years it has been clear that when our children do not have access to education, our communities suffer. For our region to have its needs met and to be able to flourish in the long-term thanks to dedicated citizens, it is paramount that all our students - P-K through graduate school - are able to succeed in the academic and working world. However, at every level, communities and educational systems are challenged by issues related to academic and career readiness, access, retention, completion, and limited resources. If we want to have stronger communities we must graduate Frederick Community College and Frederick County Public Schools studetns with the knowledge, skills, and despositions to be life long engaged and productive citizens.

The Opportunity

Research indicates that service-learning positively impacts academic achievement, inter-personal skills, and civic commitment, leading to measurable improvement for students and communities. When students participate in service-learning, they are able to engage with their community and address its needs as both a means and application of learning. Maryland and Washington, D.C. have a rich tradition of engaging students at all levels in service-learning. However, the great potential of higher education and PreK-12 students collaboratively addressing community needs via service has not yet been tapped.

The Plan

As an organization dedicated to fulfilling the public purposes of higher education institutions, CCMA is uniquely positioned to facillitate a cross-sector service collaboration of PreK-12 and higher education. If executed properly, these partnerships will ideally increase student success from a young age, leading to improved lives and communities.

Pilot Partnerships

  • Frederick Community College and Frederick County Public Schools
  • Frostburg State Univeristy and Allegany County Public Schools
  • Towson University and Baltimore County Public Schools
  • University of Maryland Eastern Shore and Somerset County Public School
  • University of the District of Columbia and Maya Angelou Public Charter School

This P20 Newsletter has been the pubublished to update our network about the five pilot partnerships.

P20 CONNECTS Spring 2018 Newsletter. FINAL

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Coming out of the CCMA P20 Task Force is a 5 year Action Plan.

Action Plan Cover

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College, Career, and Civic Readiness Through Civic Engagement (White Paper)

2018 CCMA White Paper

White Paper - Downloadable PDF