Maryland-DC Campus Compact 2014 Awards

The Maryland-DC Campus Compact annually recognizes excellence in leadership of civic engagement and service-learning in order to cultivate a culture of engagement throughout our region.

The Alan G. Penczek Service-Learning Faculty Award

Recognizes and honors one faculty member in each of the three higher education sectors (state universities, community colleges, independent colleges and universities) for contributing to the integration of service-learning into the curriculum, according to criteria expressed in the Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning.

Award Recipients

  • Dr. Colleen Ebacher, Towson University
  • Jim Kuntz, McDaniel College

The Community Partnership Award

Recognizes and honors one outstanding campus-community partnership that produces measurable improvements in people’s lives while enhancing higher education in the process. This award honors one partnership that has successfully demonstrated a commitment between higher education and the community, resulting in a tangible community impact.

Award Recipients

  • Momie’s TLC, American University

The Institutional Leadership Award

Recognizes and honors one outstanding individual for significant contributions to the institutionalization of community engagement, by inspiring a vision for service on the campus, including involving faculty, students, and campus-community partnerships.

Award Recipients

  • Ms. Brittany Budden, Howard Community College

The Civic Engagement Award

Recognizes and honors work, participation, and innovative ideas that contribute to the development of civic learning and engagement according to the criteria expressed in the Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning Goal Categories for Purposeful Civic Learning, and expanded by Maryland-DC Campus Compact. Recipients may be a service-learning faculty member, campus-community partnership, volunteer office, or another collegiate program that yields civic outcomes.

Award Recipients

  • Maurice Jackson, Georgetown University

The Excellence in Service Student Group Award

Acknowledges three student groups (state universities, community colleges, independent colleges and universities) for their commitment and involvement in service projects that extend beyond any co-curricular requirements or service-learning courses, leading to long-term, sustainable, community impact.

Award Recipients

  • University of Maryland, College Park
Relay for Life
  • Salisbury University


Recognizes an individual who has contributed substantially to the development of civic and community engagement in the Maryland-DC region. Nominees may be public servants, non-profit, or other community leaders who have helped to create a culture of community-engagement and improved community life within the Maryland-DC region (or beyond).

Award Recipients

  • Mary Brown, Life Pieces to Masterpieces


Recognizes institutions of higher education for exemplary commitment to being a “community-engaged campus.” This is the region’s highest award for a community-engaged campus which is actively seeking to fulfill the public purposes of higher education.

Award Recipients

  • Georgetown University


Recognizes and honors an individual for his or her lifetime contributions as a systemic-change agent. This individual has helped to shape policy to advance communities, ultimately elevating the quality of collective life throughout the Maryland-DC region and beyond.

Award Recipients

  • Dr. William E. “Brit” Kirwan, University System of Maryland

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